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Kremnica is famous mostly for its rich history with a predominant tinge of mining. The gold and silver have been mined in the town and surroundings since 10 th century. Kremnica obtained privileges of the free royal and mining borough  in 1328 and has been nicknamed the Golden Kremnica since the 14th century. The mint Kremnica, which is the oldest existing mint in the world, is located in Kremnica. The town castle in Kremnica is a national cultural monument and is open to the public. From the castle tower is the most beautiful view of the whole town and its surroundings. In connection with the rich history of the town, several museums have been created here, which are open all year round. You can book their visit in advance in the Information Center.

Obraz Kremnice v pociatkoch
Penzion Barbakan a okolie po vojne
Namestie koncom 19 storocia
Kremnicke namesti okolo roku 1900
Kremnica po vojne
Kremnica okolo roku 1960
Kremnicke kupalisko volakedy
Partizanska dolina pred tunelom pred r 1

Nature of the Kremnica Hills

Kremnica is also surrounded by beautiful nature of the Kremnica hills, which are part of the province of the Western Carpathians. In summer,  tourists and cyclists will appreciate a number of marked routes across the entire Kremnica Mountains with varying difficulty. In winter, many of these routes are prepared for cross-country skiing making Skalka pri Kremnici najnavštevovanejšie stredisko bežeckého lyžovania na Slovensku. The White Track race, in slovak „Biela Stopa“ with more than 40 years of tradition takes place here every year. Excellent conditions await here as well for down hill-lovers, who can also use the ski resort SKI Krahule 6 km away.
There are two viewing points boasting over the city. Their visit is a good choice especially for those who want to combine tourism with a nice view of the ancient town Kremnica. The more difficult ascent to the tourist observation Krahulsky peak takes about 1 and half hours. The tourist observation on the Calvary Hill can be managed in hour by a quiet walk. You can enjoy the reconstructed chapels of the Stations of the Cross during the walk.

Vyhliadka na Krahulskom Stite
Vyhlad z Kremnickeho hradu na Partizansk
Vyhlad z Kremnickeho hradu na mesto
Kremnicka vyhliadka na Kalvarii
Krahule bezecke trate a zjazdovka
Lyziarske stredisko Skalka Arena
cyklotrasa kremnica krahule
Cyklisticke vyhlady nad Kremnicou_Nevoln

Relax & rest

If you got tired during exploring Kremnica and its surroundings, you can regenerate in the Relax Center in Skalka  (bowling, wellness, massages, squash ...) with year-round operation, or you can visit the nearby Aqua&SPA kúpele in Turčianske Teplice 15 min by car (22 km).


Relaxcentrum Skalka wellness
Skalka Relaxcentrum bowling
Kupele Turcianske Teplice
Kupele Turcianske Teplice tobogan
Tajchy okolo Stiavnice

The Town Castle Kremnica / 500 m /  admision fee  adults – 3 €, children – 1,5 € / year round

Museum of coins and medals / 300 m / admission fee adults – 3 €, children – 1,5  € / year round

Museum of Skiing History in Slovakia / 200 m /  free entry / year-round

Mining museum Andrej Adit / 1 ,5 km / admission fee adults 4 €, children – 2 € / year round


Kitch museum / 500 m / adults 2 €, children – 1 € / year round

Bowling Relaxcentrum Skalka / 11 km / 14 € - hour / all year

Wellness Relaxcentrum Skalka   / 11 km / 7 € - hour / all year

SKI Krahule   / 6 km / all-day SKIpass from 22 € / winter

Skalka Arena   / 11 km / all-day SKIpass from 22 € / winter

Cross - country skiing Skalka / 11 km / daily fee 2 € / winter

Aqua&Spa Turcianske Teplice   / 22 km / admission fee adults for 2 h – 12,5 € / year-round

Water reservoir „Beliansky tajch“ / 39 km / free / summer

Termál swimming pool Turcianske Teplice / 22 km / admission fee adults - 4 €, children - 3 € / summer

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